Groom's Week Day 1: The MEN of the Oscars

Posted By:Randy Fenoli
April 12, 2010
To kick off "Groom's Week" on the blog, I wanted to start with a fun blog and take a look back at the men of the Oscars and who got it right. Here is who I've chosen as my top 5 guys strutting the red carpet:

Definitely one of the sexiest men alive and why shouldn't he be my top pick since he not only wore the look, but designed it, too! As a world famous designer, he knows the importance of good quality formalwear so he has to get it right. The first thing I notice about Tom's look is how perfectly fit it is to his body. The one-button shawl collar is very classic and he's got just the right amount of sleeve peeking out beneath his jacket. Because of their proportion, the bow tie, with the gardenia and pocket square work perfectly. Grooms, take note! Here's how you wear a boutonnière with pocket square and bow tie while managing to make it look elegant, not busy. Just like I tell the brides, it's all about proportion! And it's all about the DETAILS. Notice the studs on his shirt are not your typical tuxedo studs, they're special, they're unique to his style and it makes it personal. This is another note for you grooms-- OWN IT! Remember that it's your wedding day, and you better have a little of your personality in your style. If there's one change I would make, it would be his scruffiness. Even though his facial hair is in fashion, I would prefer the groom clean shaven for kissing his bride all day.

Jake Gyllenhalal is wearing a two-button, notch collar, beautifully cut tuxedo with pocket flaps. His shirt has no studs which I like—a clean front tuxedo shirt with a bowtie that you can tell he tied himself and didn't buy it ready made, which I love! There's just enough white peaking out of the jacket sleeve and the pocket square perfectly peaks out of his breast pocket. Another thing to take note of here is the skinniness of the lapels. For all those modern men out there - this is the look for you! Again, my only suggestion is a clean shaven groom, but if that's my only complaint, he must be looking fabulous!

Ryan Reynolds just looks like the boy next door, but all dressed up - A GUY YOU WANT TO GET MARRIED TO! His tuxedo has a classic look with a wider peak lapel and great fit. Notice how his bowtie is slightly smaller than Tom Ford's. Here is where you can see the importance of proportion. Ryan should have gone with a bigger bowtie so it would be in proportion to the width of his face. Also unlike Tom Ford, the studs on his shirt are fairly generic and could use a little personality. This is also an example of shirt sleeves being too short for the jacket. Notice how you don't see any white peaking out. Ryan could use a few tips, but all in all the fit is good and he would make one handsome groom!

Lenny Kravitz is a man that exudes style in every possible way! For the Oscars he sported a one-button jacket with pocket flaps and slimmer peak lapel than Ryan's. He did a wing tip shirt with covered button front, mixing classic elements into his more modern style jacket. The ONLY thing I don't love is the bowtie. It looks like it was purchased pre-made and I am an advocate for tying them yourself. What a world of difference it makes to put personal touches on a standard, traditional, formalwear piece and I can't stress enough how much more important it is to do so on your wedding day!

Here we have one of the youngest men of the group who absolutely nailed it from basics like the length of shirt sleeve peaking out from under the jacket to his ultra modern tuxedo with super slim features! It's young, hip, fresh, and perfect for a youthful guy. Notice the shorter jacket with peak lapel and two-buttons. Look at how the skinny collar of his shirt goes perfect with a skinnier tie and slimmer lapel. This is a great look for today's young groom! But before replicating this look for your groom, remember PROPORTIONS! Zac is super skinny and petite so the super slim features look totally on point for him, but put this same look on a broader guy and it could be a recipe for disaster, which is why it is so important to have your fiancé's suit or tuxedo made by professionals who know how to tailor a suit to perfection!

This year, I had the honor of being one of the red carpet men! For my tuxedo, I wanted to stand out and do something totally modern and unique so I went with a rich royal/navy color instead of the typical black. In fact, more and more men are opting for navies or grays over black for a fresh take. Because of my slim frame, I opted for a skinny European cut. I sported a peak lapel, 3-button shorter jacket and coupled it with a patterned bowtie to add pizzazz. Also, instead of the formal folded pocket square I wanted to do something a little less structured so I went with the pouf. Finally, to finish the look and to make it whimsical, I added striped socks that matched perfectly with my other accessories in my usual signature fashion.

Well, there it is: the MEN of the Oscars! This is only the beginning of “Groom's Week,” so stay tuned for the rest of the week because we have a lot more in store including another blog from me and the introduction of our newest blogger, Frank Jedda, Director of Kleinfeld MEN aka the man who can make the men of your wedding look like the men of the Oscars!

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