Accessories at the Oscars

Posted By:Nicole Vega
March 29, 2010
Now that you guys have gotten a taste of the Oscar fashions, I'd like to get a little more in depth on the accessories. Of course, I am judging from a bridal point of view to help you, as a bride, choose your accessories for your big day!

Starting with Carey Mulligan, I agree with Randy that her shoes were a bad choice for her gown. If you are choosing a Hi-Lo hemline for your wedding gown, do not wear a shoe with a large ankle strap. The strap at the ankle cuts the leg in half giving an awkward appearance – and who doesn't want to give the illusion of longer, slimmer legs? I would suggest a sandal or a peep toe shoe with a closed or sling-back in order to best capitalize on this fashion-forward hemline. I also would have chosen different earrings for Carey. Her earrings are vintage diamond chandeliers that are way too big for her. She has a small face and with her short hair I would rather have seen her in a smaller chandelier or even just a drop earring. Her accessories should have mirrored her petite frame. The lesson to be learned here is that Carey would have had a more streamlined, sophisticated look if she had just scaled down a bit on her accessories – sometimes less truly is more!

On the other hand, Helen Mirren's accessories are perfect! The large diamond necklace accentuates her dress beautifully without taking away from it. Many brides recently have been opting for a bare neck with larger earrings and maybe a bracelet but Helen shows how a necklace can complete a look. I'm not sure her dress would have looked as beautiful without that necklace. When you are trying on jewelry for your wedding day, be sure to try on a necklace first in order to see how it can add a whole new dimension to your look. Of course, if you do wear a large necklace like Helen's, the rest of your accessories should be understated – it can very easily go from perfect touch to over-the-top! The small drop earring and cuff she wore were just enough.

Zoe Saldana may have missed the mark on the dress but she did choose the right accessories for it. She wore simple drop diamond earrings and a beautiful amethyst cocktail ring. A large ring may be a good alternative for a bracelet but it may be too much with your engagement ring and wedding band. I have to say, I do love her shoes! If you have a split in your dress and need to show off a great shoe a T-bar platform would look great. This style shoe is not for shy girls – it is more of a trendy, funky look so be sure it fits your personality and overall style.

My favorite accessories of the night were Demi Moore's tassel-like pearl earrings. Pearls, of course, are great for your wedding day. Since the earrings are mixed pearls with stones you can wear a diamond cuff like Demi did. The one complaint I have is that she wore a cuff bracelet on both arms, which wasn't needed. If the style of your wedding dress is similar to Demi’s with a flower or bow accent on one side, I would wear a large bracelet on the opposite side only. It will keep the look balanced and keep the focus on the dress.

Although Jennifer Lopez, Sandra Bullock, and Charlize Theron wore completely different style dresses, they all had one thing in common on Oscar night - they chose simple accessories. Simple earrings and a bracelet completed their looks. Charlize and Jennifer wore large button/cluster style earrings while Sandra wore a small drop style, all of these choices were the perfect touch to make a complete look. If your wedding dress has a lot of detail or beading, please keep your accessories simple. Understated jewelry is also a great choice for the bride who doesn't normally wear jewelry. I encourage that your wedding day look reflect your personal style.

Don't wait for the last minute to select your wedding jewelry. You should think about your total look right after you select your dress. Select your veil and headpiece first and then decide what style jewelry fits your look. And don't forget to try on a necklace because you may be surprised at how beautifully it will go with your wedding day look!


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