Blow Out Sale Tuesday...Oh how SWEET it is!

Posted By:Mara Urshel
January 29, 2010
Hi Brides! Hope you are ready for our Blow Out Sale, Tuesday February, 2nd. We have some fabulous sample gowns at discounted prices from designers such as Pnina Tornai, Monique Lhuillier, Amsale, Michelle Roth, Lazaro, and many more of your favorite designers! CLICK HERE for the full list! Have your dress already? Don't forget about your headpiece, veil, or shoes. We have bridal shoes starting at $25 and up.

We won't leave you out in the cold for long - there is a separate line JUST for accessories. Plus Street Sweets will be outside the store all day long offering fresh coffee, hot chocolate and luscious pastries. This 'café on wheels' uses natural ingredients and are available for weddings and special events. They even make wedding cakes! As an added value, they are offering 10% off their services for any bride who purchases a gown during the Blow Out Sale.

Sound like a Sweet deal? See you there!


February 01, 2010
7:06 AM
schn0555 said:

Good Morning, I was wondering what time you will start giving out numbers tomorrow? Thanks ~C

February 14, 2010
9:38 AM
princess said:

How often do you have the blow out sales?

February 20, 2010
5:25 PM
btaflybaby said:

I just saw the episode of the Blowout Sale...When will you be having another one as I see I just missed it by a few weeks.....I would love to come...What time should you show up to start getting numbers? Thanks!

March 04, 2010
3:56 PM
BrownEyed Bella said:

What are your scheduled Blow Out Sales for 2010? I missed February's.

March 12, 2010
6:14 PM
Adalisa said:

What are your 2010 blow out sale dates please???

March 14, 2010
1:51 PM
lbarnaba24 said:

when is your next one?

April 15, 2010
12:20 PM
lbarnaba24 said:

is there one in april?

April 15, 2010
12:42 PM
Sara said:

Hi, I would love to come to the next blowout sale but I live in Canada so I definitely need a heads up on when the date is so I can buy a flight. Will there be one at the end of July, like last year? Thanks so much!

April 17, 2010
5:17 PM
Dhamm said:

I want to know if there is one in April too!!!?? What is the 2010 schedule?? I am signed up for emails but never get any on sales...

May 23, 2010
10:21 AM
Lily said:

When is the next Blow Out Sale?!

May 23, 2010
2:54 PM said:

My daughter was unable to attend your bridal sale on the may 2010 date due to unfortunate circumstances; a death in the family. Her wedding day is Aug. 10 2010. Her heart was set to buy one from your store since I bought my wedding gown from you in 1969. Is there any way we can see your wedding gowns which were not bought at the sale. I am looking forward to hearing from you so we may make an appointment. Thank You, Malka Lieber

June 09, 2010
10:02 PM
trublakisis said:

When are your blowout sales? I live in Virginia and would like to come up for your the sale but for some reason every time I email this question I do not get a response. Maybe posting this will get me an answer? Please let me know. I really want to buy a dress from Kleinfeld but it takes me 7 hours to drive there. Thank you

August 27, 2010
11:46 AM
crystal said:

When is the next Blow Out Sale?

September 14, 2010
7:46 PM
Dhamm said:

I bought my dress from the blowout sale and took it to get alterations done from (Remziye from Pinpoint Bridal) who Kleinfelds recommended. I was not impressed and will not go back. Just a FYI for anyone that was thinking to use her.

October 24, 2010
10:41 AM
brit79 said:

When is the next Blow Out Sale?

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