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Posted By:Randy Fenoli
October 9, 2009

Yes girls, believe it or not this gown by Lazaro really does work beautifully for fuller figures! The soft A-Line tulle skirt is a very flattering silhouette and the dress looks as light as air.

The bodice is made of French, re-embroidered, Alencon lace and is cinched in at the waist with a double ribbon and exquisite brooch detail.

The beading on the brooch-like applique' is made up of an eclectic mixture of freshwater pearls, tulle covered beads, chalk sequins, and Swarovski crystals. The combination of this applique' and lace give this gown a vintage feeling, which is perfectly juxtaposed with a modern A-line tulle skirt.

I know, I know, I usually tell girls with fuller busts to stay away from sweetheart necklines, but this just proves that you never know what will work on your body until you try it on. That's why I tell brides to keep an open mind and listen to an educated consultant who may lead them to a gown they normally wouldn't think of. And, because of the ribbons at the waist and the proportion, this gown also really looks nice on a petite figure.

Now if the front of the gown whispers romance, the back screams it! Look at the detailing Lazaro added with ribbons and floral petals cascading down the back of the skirt. The cascading flowers and lace give the dress a very organic feeling. I can definitely see this gown worn outside on a lush green lawn, or at the New York Botanical Gardens, floating down an aisle with rose petals lightly scattered about.

And by the way, Kleinfeld does have this gown in a fuller size for my curvy brides to try on!

So tell me girls, what do you think?

October 10, 2009
8:50 AM
msbwolf said:

gorgeous...absolutely gorgeous...glad there is a dress out there that looks good on us curvy women...

October 10, 2009
12:53 PM
marisand said:

Amazing...And thank you for finally thinking of us women with curves

October 10, 2009
3:13 PM
businessmom said:

I am a "TRUE" full figured/plus size women I wear size 24/26...How about some actual real true to life "Bigger Plus size women on the show"....All these women wear size 12, 14, or 16....these women are shapely and curvy not "BIG". I do not like this dress.....How about a model with a belly?....We need someone to really take the reigns and get with a reality check.

October 10, 2009
4:44 PM
businessmom said:

Please resend email...never received

October 11, 2009
4:43 PM
Annamaria said:

Oh for some reason I'm slowly falling in love with this dress.. Even though I'm not total in love with the bottom half.. But I live all the lace, I cannot wait to visit your store!

October 11, 2009
5:34 PM
kh911 said:

ooh la la!

October 12, 2009
1:25 AM
tenlover said:

I love Lazaro, and I love a romantic look. This, however, looks more mature to me. This is typical of what most plus size designs are geared to. It is more difficult to find a younger look if you are a larger size woman. Just my opinion. I still love you guys.

October 12, 2009
11:52 AM
jpho said:

Really love this dress and the price point. Can't wait to try it on! It would be interesting to see what it would look like if the skirt was more fitted around the hip and thigh. Not sure if that would look good or not?

October 13, 2009
6:33 PM
TheFluffyBride said:

You said that this dress would flatter a fuller figure... Unfortunately it's impossible to imagine that when the model the dress is showed on is nowhere near reprentative of that market.

October 13, 2009
8:27 PM
ssturner83 said:

Im not sure these double d's would fit in there. lol But im sure some petite girl would love this!

October 14, 2009
1:50 PM
hopeless in love said:

omg are those calla lillies?.......i just love how simply beautiful yet eye catching this dress is..for someone who never dreamed about her wedding day like most little girls....this dress has definetly given me a reason to get sooooo attached to a dress i hope it will look as beautiful on as it does in my head.

October 15, 2009
7:13 PM
Kat said:

I tried this dress on.. And in one word it is "Perfect". I wouldnt classify myself a Full Figured Bride (a sizr 8) but i am quite busty!!! The dress made my waist look tiny. It was just exquisite.

October 15, 2009
7:14 PM
Kat said:

I tried this dress on.. And in one word it is "Perfect". I wouldnt classify myself a Full Figured Bride (a sizr 8) but i am quite busty!!! The dress made my waist look tiny. It was just exquisite.

October 16, 2009
8:14 PM
mbb262 said:

i love this dress the best part about it it is for full figured brides

October 18, 2009
10:10 AM
mgjt0612 said:

Love this dress!! I wouldnt normally go for an A line dress but this would be worth trying. The JLMcouture company has some of the most timeless and most beautiful dresses for a classy bride. They combine old vintage with modern touches. Love it!

October 21, 2009
6:57 PM
elcisne said:

This is such a beautiful gown. I love how delicate and elegant it is.

October 29, 2009
11:17 AM
mimik01 said:

Love Lazaro my favorite is 3819 I saw it on the site OMG love the embroidery all the detail. Not crazy about the train but it is so me. Gotta have it. Not crazy about this one.

November 02, 2009
4:22 PM
mene925 said:

This is my dress and i love it. I am a true full figured girl. Will just say I tried on the plus size dress and they couldn't zip it. The tulle skirt is so much fun to have on I didn't want to take it off. There are so many things that I love and I can't wait to wear it for my wedding day.

November 27, 2009
8:12 PM
GreenIYDhunnie said:

This is just Gorgeous!! Just another reason to love Lazaro :)

January 18, 2010
10:48 AM
Hannah13 said:

The dress is absolutely stunning! It's so beautiful. The detail and beading on the back really catches the eye and is a great part of the dress. Also, the flower beading on the front breast really gives the dress an elegant look and finishes off the dress. (=

March 24, 2010
2:24 PM
heyjuj said:

OMG - this is my dress! I was at Kleinfeld the week before Randy's post and bought this dress. What an amazing dress for a fuller figure. I am a 14-16 and this dress made my waist look very small! I was married in January and never felt more beautiful than I did in this dress. I just wish I could wear it every day! :-)

June 03, 2010
9:03 PM
Demi704 said:

I said "yes to this dress".....I LOVE this dress, it looks romantic, classic and elegant, and it fit my curvy, petite figure well....I couldnt't ask for more

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