Your Honeymoon – Culture Couture or Sun by the shore?

Posted By:Harlan & Kara
August 20, 2009
Can't decide between cultural sights or a relaxing beach experience for your honeymoon? How about combining the best of both?

We consult so many couples that have the same problem – he wants museums and she wants to relax on the beach. There are lots of enticing ways to combine a romantic mix of Castles & Culture with Beaches and over water bungalows. Many major cities can act as a "hub" to go on to exotic destinations and at the same time break up long flights. Did you know that Paris or Frankfurt is actually a stopover to get to destinations like the Seychelles and the Maldives? Imagine being at Versailles one day and a sexy beach in the Seychelles the next...nice compromise, huh? The possibilities are endless. Are you having a difficult time deciding on a honeymoon location? Tell us about it here, we can help.


August 22, 2009
8:12 AM
hangofit said:

Hi - we are contemplating Italy for our honeymoon, incorporating some city sites and ruins with the beaches on the south western shores. Our wedding is planned for October of 2010, so the weather may be an issue if we want to beach it. Do you have any suggestions for us? Sue and Charles Oct. 09, 2010

August 24, 2009
5:16 PM
Susan in Massapequa said:

Hi Travel Siblings, Welcome to my fiance and I are night and day when it comes to planning a trip. He loves sports and outdoorsy stuff, I'm all about the opera and fine dining. So seeing as how I really don't see myself rock climbing in high heels, what kind of travel venue might be a nice compromise so we both have things we can enjoy? Thanks so much! Susan

August 24, 2009
6:38 PM
The Travel Siblings said:

Hi Sue & Charles, October is one of the most beautiful months to be in Italy, however, you are are right about the beach. The average beach temperatures range between 60 & 70 degrees. Might not be the beach weather one would hope for but you can certainly enjoy a gelato on a beach chair. One suggestion would be to start your honeymoon on the Amalfi coast first to take advantage of potential warm weather, but do not expect swimming unless your hotel pool is heated. Taormina, Sicily would probably be the warmest region at that time, beautiful, but not pristine sandy beaches. Another option would be to enjoy the city sites of Italy,use Rome as a hub, and go on to a place like Funchal, Madeira, which would be a short flight and a really romantic beach experience. Better weather for beach, an additional culture stop in Lisbon with an amazing Portugese paella on your way home (optional)!

August 24, 2009
6:42 PM
The Travel Siblings said:

Dear Susan from Massapequa, we just planned a trip for a couple in the same position where the groom actually wanted to relax and enjoy fine dining with wine tasting and she actually wanted to be more active, hiking, biking, etc. We arranged a trip on a smaller all inclusive yacht that offered fine dining for meals and martini’s and during the day offered kayaking, bicycle tours with the yacht staff, and they even got to go food shopping with the chef! The benefit to doing a trip like this is that you only have to unpack once and then you’re off to a different destination everyday. Some days you can relax on the beach, and others you can do a walking tour of a city. Some smaller cruises even offer Champagne and Caviar splashes on the beach that are inclusive! This might be a good option for you, especially when in the evening, when you both will get to unwind as you sail off in the sunset wearing your new Jimmy Choos!

November 28, 2009
2:54 AM
Dolcerella said:

I went to Cyprus, a beautiful tourist destination with amazing beaches, landscapes, warm people, medieval castles, ancient Greek temples and ruins. It was the most amazing time I ever had. Plus on the way there we stopped over in Amsterdam so we had an excellent time checking out the Van Gogh and Rembrant museum, as well as other nice sights.

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