"The Wedding Day" Window

Posted By:Mara Urshel
July 3, 2009
Kleinfeld Visual Director, Jacques Vigneault, has out done himself again! He has just installed the new windows which depict "The Wedding Day." The right window includes real wedding photos from different periods (1940-2009) provided by Kleinfeld employees from their actual wedding day. All different walks of life and all different backgrounds.

In the foreground "the dress" is displayed on a bust form presented as an icon object of the wedding day. After all, the dress is one of the most important components of the wedding! In the left window, Jacques used different mannequins, dolls, bust forms, both abstract and realistic mannequins, to represent the cast of characters that constitute a wedding family picture. Subtext is; you can’t choose your family but you can choose your wedding dress! The wedding photo theme of the windows is reinforced with the use of squiggly lines and polka dots represent the pixels that make the fabric of a photo.

Enjoy the photos...professional ones will be up soon!







July 21, 2009
2:37 PM
ClariscametoNY said:

Saw this this weekend! Loved the groom in the birdcage! took photos to show friends back home!

September 15, 2009
5:15 PM
megan12 said:

I <3 the bird cage!!

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