How far would you travel for your wedding gown?

Posted By:Randy Fenoli
May 18, 2009
With today's cheap air fares, brides are traveling much further distances to get their wedding gowns. Every day in our salon we have brides that fly in from Ireland, England, Australia, even Dubai. One of the most touching stories I've come across was a group from Canada that came into our salon. Apparently, Canadians LOVE to watch our show, "Say Yes To The Dress", and for Christmas, the groom purchased air plane tickets for the bride, her mother, and her maid of honor to fly to New York for a weekend shopping trip at Kleinfeld. How far have you traveled to shop at Kleinfeld? Has your groom surprised you with a secret shopping trip for your gown?

May 30, 2009
1:15 PM
caribbean princess said:

I would travel from the end of the caribbean islands just to get my fairy tale wedding gown. actually, my bestfriend and I are doing exactly that this June!

July 07, 2009
10:28 AM
Mary said:

I was on holidays in NY last august and fell in love with a dress in Kleinfelds! Im gettin married on 31st of this month and im travelling from Ireland tomorrow to pick up my dress, i just hope i love it as much as i did when i first tried it on! A very excited Irish bride!

July 07, 2009
1:36 PM
Tulip said:

I would travel as far as it would take! I'm only 14, but I know that as soon as I get engaged, i'm gonna skip over to Kleinfeld and Randy, you're gonna find me the most gorgeous dress ever :) haha!

July 25, 2009
11:03 PM

Dear Tulip, You have a few years before we start shopping for your wedding gown, but when you're ready it will truly be my privilege to help you with your selection! And YES it will be absolutely GORGEOUS! With kindest regards, Randy Fenoli

August 24, 2009
12:16 PM
Kristen said:

I'm from Toronto and I 100% agree that Canadians LOVE watching soon-to-be brides shop for their dream dress at Kleinfeld's! I have seen every episode and after my fiance recently saw a Greek woman try on the beautiful Pnina Tornai dress (oversized with flowers and a price tag of 24,000) he is determined to get my wedding dress from your shop. Our first wedding will be in Albania in 2 years, and i plan on coming to New York sometime next summer (between June & September) to purchase a dress, I am a very young future bride with an unlimited budget (prefer my dress to sit above $10,000 & around $20,000) and I am head over heels in love with a 2009 Pnina Tornai dress you hold. Randy you are a wedding dress genius and I would travel all the way to Isreal for Pnina Tornai if she wasn't at Kleinfeld's. I hope to see you next year Randy!

August 30, 2009
9:08 PM
beautiful said:

I recently traveled 250 miles to get the dress of my dreams, and it was worth the ride. i bought a Pnina Tornia gown, when I first laid eyes on it I knew that I had to have it. So lucky for me I didnt have to travel far, but i would have just to be at kleinfelds.The staff is very helpful, and they make you feel welcomed. I look forward to going back to pick up my dress and seeing you guys again Thanks for everything!

September 21, 2009
3:34 PM
mbb262 said:

I would travel to one place really it's called kleinfeld but I'am just 19 years old so when I'am ready Randy you'll be the first person i will go to about fashion. Randy you are fashion god can't wait till then lol

January 11, 2010
7:50 PM
AnGeL said:

Does anyone know what the name of the dress is worn by Fofie P. in SAY YES TO THE DRESS it is a Pnina Tornai original price is $24000 and is on the episode THE ART OF NEGOTIATION! It is simply breathtaking and I just have to have that dress I am not getting married until atleast 2012 but would love to have the name of the dress and more pictures of it and is it even still available at Kleinfelds because it is not on the website.

March 16, 2010
1:32 AM
sandra said:

if we had the money i would come from australia to new york just to go to Kleinfelds. And i soo wish we did as i love the show and would be awesome

June 14, 2010
12:40 PM
Tisha said:

I love "Say yes to the dress" and Kleinfeld and I am not engaged yet (hopefully in the next year) but I plan on taking a trip from Georgia to New York for the first time to meet with a wonderful consultant and of course Randy to find the perfect dress for me!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!!

June 19, 2010
6:22 PM
Maylee & Bridal Fashion said:

3675 miles. i will be a kleinfeld bride.. that means i'll have to travel 3675 miles from Holland to visit the store.. But i know it will be worth it.

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