Blow Out Sale Survival Guide

Posted By:Randy Fenoli
April 23, 2009
Unlike what images you may have seen on TV from other stores sales, the Kleinfeld blow out sales are actually quite organized and orderly.

Brides line up hours in advance and get a number that puts them in the queue. When your number is called you meet with a consultant who walks you through the racks of dresses which are separated by price. Most of the samples are sample size 10, a selection of plus size gowns are featured on another rack. After choosing 3 dresses to try on, the consultant takes you to her room for you to start trying on your picks. If you do not find a gown that you love in the initial pull, you may browse through the dresses again and select another 3 and continue the process until you find a gown or exhaust all the possibilities. Keep in mind that this is not a full service appointment and our regular samples are not out or available to try on.

Here are a few of my tips for navigating our Blow Out Sale:

1. It's best to have a pretty clear idea of what style you're looking for before coming in. For example, narrowing your choice of desired silhouette, fabric, or details can really help you focus in on the right gown quickly.

2. Bring in a couple of photos of styles that you like. Our consultants can quickly look at your photos and lead you to similar looks.

3. Be sure to know how much you would like to end up spending on your gown so you can stay within your budget.

4. Bring with you the one person you need to make this important decision. You may become frustrated if you find a gown you love but need your mother with you to see it first. Also don't bring a group of people, this isn't the time to entertain your friends.

5. Please wear the proper under garments! Besides the obvious reasons, you also may be sharing your room with another bride.

6. Be ready to make a purchase or you may lose the gown of your dreams.

I hope this helps! I look forward to seeing all of you price-savvy girls this Tuesday!

Best regards!


April 24, 2009
10:22 PM
EngagedInChicago said:

What sizes do the dresses in the plus size rack come in? Wondering if I should fly in for the day!

April 25, 2009
7:37 PM
Xcat9 said:

Ditto on the plus size question - 3 best friends all going within a year span, all street clothes size 24 and up... ironically...also from Chicago.

April 25, 2009
9:53 PM
HopingInCharleston said:

Any chance that you would have an Amsale Coco (or something similar) sample to fit a size 4? Would have to come from SC, so am trying to see if I need to call in sick from work and buy a plane ticket?!?!

April 27, 2009
3:02 PM
Kleinfeld Marketing Team said:

Hi HopingInCharleston,
Unfortunatly Coco by Amsale will not be available in our upcoming sample sale. It is a very unique style and we do not have a similar style available in the sample sale selection. We do have Coco and other similar styles available in our regular special-order stock selection.
Thank you.

April 27, 2009
3:02 PM
Kleinfeld Marketing Team said:

Hi EngagedInChicago and Xcat9,
We have a handful of plus size bridal sample gowns in size 12 - 20. In bridal, gowns sizes are typically 1-2 sizes smaller than your typical street size. For example, if the bridal gown is a size 10, it is actually a size 6/8. Hope this helps!

May 08, 2009
10:48 PM
sherbear1322 said:

Can you tell me when your next blowout and/or sample sale will be? I will have to travel, so any advance notice is helpful. Thanks!

May 14, 2009
12:30 PM
CTgal said:

Hi Kleinfeld Team! I also would love to know when your next blow out sale will be? I am the Maid of Honor in my best friend's wedding next May and she is on a very very tight budget. She is such an amazing girl who I love with all my heart, and I just wouldn't be a good best friend if I let her get married in any dress other than what she deserves. I desperately want to take her to Kleinfeld (and I know it would be a dream come true for her), but budget is the #1 concern, making the blow out sale perfect for us. Thank you so much!

May 18, 2009
3:58 PM
Kleinfeld Marketing Team said:

We have Blow Out Sample Sale's 3-4x a year. Our next Blow Out Sale is July 28th from 3 - 7pm, no appointment required, plus an additional 25% off already marked down prices on bridal gowns, headpieces, veils, shoes, and evening gowns. Thank you.

June 01, 2009
5:41 PM
MandyB said:

Will there be any Pnina Tornai dresses at the sale July 28th? If not are there any designers with a similar style just so I have somewhat of an idea what to expect. Thank You!

June 05, 2009
3:55 PM
Kleinfeld Marketing Team said:

Hi MandyB,
Yes, there will be a few Pnina Tornai gowns in the Blow Out Sale but I can not confirm which styles or guarantee the condition they will be in. Thank you.

June 10, 2009
2:26 AM
HannahB said:

I'm wondering if you will be letting go of a Christos Maribel sample in your next sale..desperately seeking this dress to buy off the rack!! Thanks!

June 10, 2009
6:42 PM
JoanfrmSC said:

I live in SC and I am thinking of flying in for your last blowout sale of this year.. I want to be as prepared as possible.. any tips? I'm really afraid that once I get there I won't find the dress I want or if I do it won't be within my price range. Please reassure me!! I've looked @ your styles online and have fallen in love with a few, how would I know if anything similar to those will be on the racks? Thank You!!(i know its a lot)

June 14, 2009
5:43 PM
SBB said:

TY for the survival guide. Will you have Platinum for POB and Kenneth Pool dresses?

June 16, 2009
3:25 PM
jennygirl said:

Hi! I'm very excited about the blow-out sale on the 28th, I will definitely be in attendance. Just wondering what price point the samples start at?

June 16, 2009
6:01 PM
Roguequeen said:

When you have your blowout sale, does that also include accessories? (hair pieces, veils, jewelry, etc). And if you do what kind of mark down do those recieve? Thank you.

June 17, 2009
1:53 PM
Kleinfeld Marketing Team said:

Hi HannahB & SBB,
Yes, we will have Platinum, Kenneth Pool, and Christos gowns available at the Blow Out Sale. At this point, Maribel is not on sale. Thank you.

June 18, 2009
3:02 AM
JHxox said:

In the Blow out sale in July will there be any Henry Roth gowns marked down? The ones I am interested in are low priced already but I just thought I would ask.

June 18, 2009
12:22 PM
Kleinfeld Marketing Team said:

Hi JHxox,
Yes, there will be a few Henry Roth gowns in the Blow Out Sale but we are unaware of which styles. Thank you.

June 27, 2009
5:05 PM
Hopeful said:

At your upcoming sale in July, I was wondering if a specific Alvina Valenta gown (style: 31417538) will be available? I know it might be too early to call which dresses will be there, but I'm hoping beyond hope the answer is "yes!"

June 29, 2009
4:47 PM
Kleinfeld Marketing Team said:

Hi Hopeful,
As of today, style 31417538, is not on sale. However, we do not know which gowns are marked down for the Blow Out Sale until the day of. Thank you.

June 29, 2009
11:12 PM
Shellyengaged said:

I am wondering if the MONIQUE LHUILLIER Style No: 31675291 will be on sale at the sample sale in July????

July 01, 2009
10:36 PM
lrgbluegreen said:

Will you have Scarlet by Monique Lhuillier on sale at the July 28 sample sale? If so, what percent off retail will it run?

July 02, 2009
10:42 AM
Kleinfeld Marketing Team said:

Hi Shellyengaged and lrgbluegreen,
Monique Lhuillier style Scarlet and style 31675291 will not be part of the Blow Out Sample sale. Thank you.

July 02, 2009
1:52 PM
ZenkWedding said:

Can you make an appointment for the blowout sale?

July 02, 2009
2:09 PM
Kleinfeld Marketing Team said:

Hi ZenkWedding,
No, we do not take appointments for the Blow Out Sample Sale. It is first come first serve from 3pm - 7pm on July 28th. Thank you & lots of luck!

July 08, 2009
8:34 AM
*Happy* said:

What are the price points during a blow-out sale? Staying on a budget is going to be important for our destination wedding and with our hot location I do not need "a lot of dress"!

July 08, 2009
1:54 PM
Kleinfeld Marketing Team said:

Hi *Happy*,
At the Blow-Out Sale gowns start at $499 and up. Thank you.

July 09, 2009
4:04 PM
*Happy* said:

I know that you will not know until day of what is on sale but is there any chance that this vineyard collection dress Style Number: 31473812 is on sale? If not will any dresses from this collection be featured at the blowout sale? Thank you so much for your help!!!!

July 09, 2009
4:53 PM
hjones said:

Hi, will the pnina tornai dress 25 (2009) be on sale? I will be willing to travel from the uk if it is. If so, what type of reduction in price is expected? If not, do you know the date of the most probable sample sale it will be in? Many thanks

July 12, 2009
5:04 PM
kaseym said:

What time do people start lining up for the sale? Thanks!

July 13, 2009
10:12 AM
vmg said:

Hi, I've already purchased a gown but am hoping to get my veil and headpiece at the upcoming sample sale. If I'm not trying on gowns is there a seperate line just for accesories? Are Peter Langner veils part of the same sale.. i'm especially interested in Style vglnn?

July 13, 2009
3:41 PM
Kleinfeld Marketing Team said:

Hi vmg,
Yes, there is a seperate (often much shorter) line for accessories (veils, headpieces, shoes etc) only. Sorry, there are no Peter Langner Veils in the sample sale. Thank you.

July 13, 2009
3:42 PM
Kleinfeld Marketing Team said:

Hi hjones,
We are not sure which style you are referring to. Please email with your question along with a photo or provide the style numeber from our website for more info. Thank you.

July 14, 2009
10:51 AM
vmg said:

Could you tell me what veils makers will be part of the sample sale? Will there be catherdral veils?

July 14, 2009
2:43 PM
Kleinfeld Marketing Team said:

Hi vmg,
Some veil designers included in the sale are Malis Henderson, Homa & Co., Lazaro, Rosa Clara, and more. Thank you.

July 14, 2009
7:45 PM
MJP said:

Hi There, I am very intersted in the Pnina Tornai style number:31574544. I am thinking about flying in for the day from Orlando, do you know if that sample will be included in the sale? Thank you.

July 14, 2009
10:56 PM
MT4 said:

I am roughly a size 2 and quite petite (5'0). I was thinking about going to blow-out sale, but it seems as if there will not be anything in my size. Should I even bother coming?

July 15, 2009
10:59 PM
Mischa said:

Hi! Will you have any sizes that will fit Petite women at the sample sale? I am a street size 0-2 and only 5'2. Thanks!

July 16, 2009
12:16 AM
amoarafis said:

Hi! Just wondering if there will be the Carolina Herrera Collete dress at the sample sale on the 28th? I´m also wondering if any of the samples are smaller than 10s? Thanks!!!!!!!

July 16, 2009
3:05 PM
Kleinfeld Marketing Team said:

Hi Mischka,
Most of the sample sale gowns are sample size 10 which is typically a street size 6/8. They can be altered to a size 2 depending on the style. Thank you & lots of luck!

July 16, 2009
3:06 PM
Kleinfeld Marketing Team said:

Hi amoarafis,
Carolina Herrera style Collete will not be featured in the Blow Out sale. Majority of the gowns are sample size 10. Thank you.

July 17, 2009
3:26 PM
jennyg said:

Hi there: I was wondering if Jim Hjelm style number 8801 is part of the blow out sale?

July 18, 2009
12:07 AM
Drjenny11 said:

Hi! I was just wondering if the Kenneth Pool "Aria" will be on sale? Thanks!

July 22, 2009
12:01 PM
maamajam said:

Hi! I'm thinking of bringing my mom, sister, and a friend. Is that too many people? Do you have a group size limit?

July 22, 2009
1:15 PM
epankow said:

Will there be any Legends by Romona Keveza in the sample sale on the 28th?

July 22, 2009
2:24 PM
Kleinfeld Marketing Team said:

Hi maamajam,
At a Blow Out Sale, due to the volume of traffic, we only allow one other guest in the room with you. If you have additonal guests, they will need to wait in the lobby. Thank you.

July 22, 2009
2:57 PM
vsandler said:

Will ian stuart be on sale at the blowout sale??

July 24, 2009
2:40 PM
kimmykim said:

will there be any selection of size 6 or 8 gowns?

July 24, 2009
5:35 PM
Kleinfeld Marketing Team said:

Hi kimmykim,
Majority of samples are bridal sample size 10 which is a size 6/8 in regular cloths. Thank you.

July 27, 2009
1:43 PM
ktgolden said:

if all the dresses are not sold Tuesday, are they still on sale during the week for other appointments?

July 27, 2009
2:11 PM
KBecker6 said:

What time do people start lining up for the sale? I want to get there early but am not sure HOW early that should be! Also, once you get a number, can you leave the line and return closer to 3 pm or should you stay there and wait? Thanks!

July 27, 2009
6:06 PM
carriesu2003 said:

I wanted to find a dress with my best friend who is also looking for a dress. Can I get a number for her early in the day if she is working and then planning on meeting me at 3?

August 12, 2009
5:39 PM
krse5 said:

Hello, Is the sale still going on? Do you know which kenneth pools will be on sale? Thanks.

August 12, 2009
5:52 PM
krse5 said:

Hello, Is the sale still going on? Do you know which kenneth pools will be on sale? Thanks.

November 28, 2009
6:34 PM
melonda said:

Do you ever sell dresses for debutantes in addition to brides? If so, do you know the dates of your 2010 Blow Out sales? Thank you.

January 04, 2010
1:06 PM
mbc33 said:

Hello and Happy New Year! Will Jim Hjelm dresses, particularly style number 31451420, be part of any of your 2010 blow sales? Do you have the dates for the 2010 blow out sales yet? Thanks in advance.

January 26, 2010
6:46 PM
Marketing Team said:

Hi Brides,
If you did not receive an e-mail about the Blow Out Sale on Feb 2nd, please register for our e-mail updates and find the sale updates on our home page! Lots of luck!!

January 29, 2010
1:49 PM
bluecasbah said:

I'm flying up from Orlando for the sale on Tuesday. What time do people start lining up or what time do you give out numbers? Thanks.

January 30, 2010
2:35 PM
armandaia said:

Hi! I know that most of the dresses will be a size 10, but I was wondering if there will be size 12/14 dresses available on Tuesday (Feb. 2)? Thanks!

February 17, 2010
5:32 PM
Miss Sustainability said:

When is the next blow out sale and will any of the "green" dresses be on sale? For instance, any Adele Wechsler or Justin Alexander dresses? Can't wait!!

February 19, 2010
8:28 AM
srphill said:

Do you have a list of your Blowout Sales for the remainder of 2010, or early 2011? These are the Blowout sales as seen on TLC, correct? Thanks!

March 24, 2010
12:01 AM
Pace said:

Hi I would like to know when is the next blow out sale date please? My wedding date is on July 15, 2010.

April 18, 2010
8:01 PM
glowwbug said:

I was wondering if someone could tell me if these specific dresses will be included during the next big sale? Badgley Mischka "Erica" Jim Hjelm Style No: 31551773 David Fielden Style No: 31754443 (suspender back) Thank you!

April 19, 2010
10:44 AM
BPF said:

Hi. I was wondering if MONIQUE LHUILLIER Style No: 31691884 is going to be on sale?

April 19, 2010
1:30 PM
bhappy said:

i have and appointment on april 25 2010 would i have the opportunity to take advantage of the sale if i find something earlier

April 19, 2010
7:52 PM
SuperNova said:

Will there be any Monique Lhuillier lace sheath dresses at the blow out sale such as the Miranda?

April 20, 2010
12:23 PM
Erin said:

I was wondering if you were going to have a blow out sale this summer and if so when?

April 20, 2010
6:00 PM
bhappy said:

My appointment is this coming Sunday April 25th if I see something I like would I have the the opportunity to take advantage of the sale if? I find something earlier

April 22, 2010
8:37 AM
car1214 said:

Will the Monique Lhulier Sunday Rose wedding gown be available at this sale?

April 22, 2010
6:50 PM
Ksilva88 said:

Hi I am very interested in a Pnina Tornai dress style no. 31625304. I would like to know if it's going to be on sale so I can fly from South Texas, in this blow-out sale or the one in July. Thank you.

April 23, 2010
1:58 PM
ms. diamond said:

Are most of these dresses from 2009 collections? I really love love love LianCarlo's 2010 collection and am wondering if any of these dresses will be for sale on Tuesday. Thanks!!

April 24, 2010
1:32 PM
Future Mandy B said:

When will the next blow out sale be after the April 27th one? I am not get married until 6/2011 and i just wanted to make sure if it is going to be the another one before then- like is it an annual thing or a bi-annual thing etc..? Also at the 4/27/10 sale- will there be the Pnina Tornai (ticket reads ... MFG: 5179 STYLE YLLR 6500.00 Color: OFFWHITE Receipt#:1132402 Dept. BG 31778970 At this 4/27/10 blowout sale for a reduced price?

April 24, 2010
1:41 PM
littleleahy said:

Thanks so much for the helpful info! Do you know the dates set for the other blow out sales this year yet? Do you usually have many Priscilla of Boston gowns on the racks for the sale? Thanks so much!! :)

April 24, 2010
1:42 PM
Future Mandy B said:

Hi its me again --- I would like to know if any of these 5 dresses will be at the 4/27/10 blow-out sale :..... Pnina Tornai Style Number: 31778970 Price: $$$ Silk Satin Sweetheart Mermaid Lazaro Style Number: 31644230 Price: $$ Silk Organza Strapless Mermaid Perla D by Pnina Tornai Style Number: 31809338 Price: $$ Silk Chiffon Sweetheart A-Line Pnina Tornai Style Number: 31720949 Price: $$$ Satin Sweetheart A-Line Two by Rosa Clara Style Number: 31667561 Price: $ Lace Strapless Mermaid Maria Karin Style Number: 31676737 Price: $ Lace Strapless Princess/Ball Gown

April 25, 2010
5:55 PM
corgigirl said:

Hi I love Pnina Tornai is style number 37178970 and 31720949 will be in the blow out sale. How much would these styles be during her trunk show? Thanks

April 26, 2010
5:24 PM
raphaela18 said:

Hello Klienfeld team, I just noticed that you next blowout sale is tomorrow. My daughter and I could not make arrangements that quickly. Do you know when the next blowout sale will be? Thank you

May 12, 2010
10:04 PM
Barlow said:

Hello, I am looking for any Ian Stuart gowns.. Will there be any In you upcoming sample sale? If so, what is the percentage to be taken off? Thank you!

July 12, 2010
10:10 PM
vane bucay said:

hi randy!!!! i'm from argentina but my brother lives in miami. i'm a huge fan of the show and i absolutely love when you appear with the perfect dress in your hands. i adore the monique lhuillier "miracle" dress and i'm willing to travel to new york if that dress is going to be part of the blow out sale. i hope it does because in that way i will be purchasing my ticket so as to fly to ny before the 28th of july. thank you so much, and congrats on everything you guys do to make us all say yes to the dress!!!

July 15, 2010
2:47 PM
Kelsey said:

Can you tell me if the Alvina Valenta Style number 9002 will be available?

July 15, 2010
4:18 PM
Elle said:

Will haircombs be sold at the upcoming sample sale?

July 15, 2010
5:36 PM
bellamick80 said:

Hi Kleinfeld Team, I am not getting married for another 15months. Is it too early to buy my dress? Thanks so much for your time. **Christina**

July 15, 2010
7:50 PM
Kindrednyc said:

Hey There, What time would you advise lining up for the blow out sale. I know the sale begins at 3pm, but do people line up before then?

July 15, 2010
8:08 PM
Kindrednyc said:

Hi, I was just wondering what time people begin lining up for your blow out sales. I know the sale begins at 3pm, but do people tend to line up before that? Thanks :)

July 15, 2010
8:09 PM
Melody said:

My dream dress is Kirstie Kelly for Disney Belle B2813, but cannot afford - will it be part of the July Blow Out sale? Can you tell me? Thank you very much.

July 15, 2010
9:19 PM
Jezzy said:

Hi! Would it be possible for someone to tell me if Claire Pettibone's "Cherry Blossom" line of dresses is among those in the sale? Thank you!

July 15, 2010
10:33 PM
Muffin said:

Hi! Can you tell what time girls usually start showing up for the sale? I have a ways to travel and dont want to get there too late. Thanks!

July 16, 2010
8:57 AM
roadtohana said:

I am a size 0-2, would you recommend petite women to come to the sample sale, or do dresses in those size sell very quickly? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!

July 16, 2010
10:28 AM
fernanda said:

hi i'm from honduras i'll go to your sale but i need to known if you have on sale the sposa or pronovias brand?

July 16, 2010
10:43 AM
fernanda said:

i'm excited

July 16, 2010
10:46 AM
RaymiaInDC said:

Is there is any RSVP system? Or is it first come first serve?

July 16, 2010
11:29 AM
jamiemaryl said:

Is Pnina Tornai's 31574544 dress going to be part of the blow-out sale?

July 16, 2010
1:15 PM
Melina said:

What time do you recommend we start lining up? Is 1pm sufficient? Thanks!

July 16, 2010
4:02 PM
Kleinfeld Marketing Team said:

Hi Ladies,
I would like to address some of your questions and concerns...
Yes, the sample sale begins at 3pm and is first come first served, however, the line starts forming as early as 9am. Kleinfeld will give out numbers in the early afternoon so that you can come back and line up (according to your number) a half hour before the sale begins.
Unfortunately we can not announce which gowns will be featured in the sample sale. If that particular style is not on sale, we will have a similar style.
The majority of our sample gowns are sample size 10 which is a street size 6/8. A gown can always be altered to a smaller size but it depends on the bodice embellishments whether or not the 'look' will be compromised by the alterations. We will also feature a selection of plus size sample gowns in sizes 16 and up.
Yes, the sale will also feature headpieces, veils, shoes and accessories. If you are just coming to shop for accessories, the wait will be a lot shorter.
Hope this helps!
Thank you and lots of luck!

July 16, 2010
10:40 PM
KatieCanada said:

Hi!! I was wondering if you had any idea when your 2011 blow-out sale dates are.. I am looking at traveling down from Nova Scotia but I am required to do a some training with the Military next summer. I reaaaalllyyy rreeaaalllyyy want to give you guys my business but just want to know if I will even be able to make it for a blow-out. I may still fly-in anyways. but would love to make it for the blow-out! Thanks so much! Cheers!

July 16, 2010
10:58 PM
Perfect Dress said:

Hi Randy I always love seeing you on " Say Yes to the Dress" so does my parents. So I'am just wondering what sizes do Pnina Tornai have in plus size because I have been going everywhere looking for the perfect wedding dress. I been to california, florida,texas , and my regular bridal place which is David's Bridal :0(. So please Randy, email back ASAP. My wedding is in 8 weeks and I need a dress or I'am not and I mean not walking down the isle without the perfect dress ! Thanks, Perfect Dress

July 17, 2010
9:22 AM
Sybil said:

When will the next blow out sale be? Are you able to pay on the gown or do you have to pay in full that day? Lastly, are alterations available? Thank you !

July 19, 2010
1:33 PM
Pegah said:

Hi, I am planing on coming from out of the country and I would really like to know if the Monique Lhuillier Magical or Miranda dress will be on sale at the Blowout sale next week. Thank you very much.

July 19, 2010
1:38 PM
sandlsmommy said:

My sister in law to be is frantically search for one particular dress that she cannot find anywhere. It is LEGENDS BY ROMONA KEVEZA Style No: 31447469 any idea if this dress is available at the sample sale? she has her heart set on THIS dress!!!

July 19, 2010
2:25 PM
Lucia said:

When is your last 2010 blowout event?

July 19, 2010
2:37 PM
Lucia said:

I'm not getting married until November of 2011. Do you recommend having a normal appointment first and then once I have found the dress try to get it or a similar one in the next blowout sale? I just feel that if I buy one at a blowout sale I will be rushed and won't have time for a second appointment if necessary. Thanks,

July 20, 2010
10:20 PM
bellamick80 said:

Hi Randy, I'm getting married Oct of 2011, and I am coming next Tuesday for the sale. Is 15months too early to buy my dress?

July 22, 2010
2:30 PM
dolphingal said:

i think that pnina tornai dresses are soooo adorable!! there is one dress that i have in my favorites that is by pnina tornai, need to know the price on it because i think this could be the one!!!

July 22, 2010
4:58 PM
kblondie282 said:

Hellooo Bridal Heaven, will Kenneth Pool's Happiness gown be at the sale????

July 24, 2010
7:29 PM
williamske said:

Hey! I am wondering if the following styles may be on the racks: Pnina Tornai Style Number: 31909351 Pnina Tornai Style Number: 31909401

July 25, 2010
11:38 AM
sunflwerbride said:

Hi! I was wondering if you knew if Melissa Sweet's Ambrose will be included at the Blow Out Sale? Thanks so much!

July 26, 2010
4:42 PM
jk said:

will there be any jim hjelm samples available?

July 28, 2010
5:25 PM
RaymiaInDC said:

Hi Jillian and Randy! I was at the Blowout sale yesterday all the way from DC and I was finally able to Say Yes To The Dress! I purchased a lovely sexy Pnina Tornai. My sales consultant, the owners, and Randy helped me make a very very good choice! I only tried on 5 dresses. Thanks to Jillian and her encouragement, I walked out with a beautiful gown! Jillian I promise to send you an invitation to Jamaica to lace my corset! You're the only one who can do it right!

July 30, 2010
2:12 PM
GeorgiaGirl said:

My Daughter is signing up for "Say Yes to the Dress " and is so excited about her dream of coming to Kleinfeld's .Can you please tell me when your next Blow out Sale will be ?

August 05, 2010
10:30 AM
AD28 said:

When will the next sample sale be? I am looking for the Amsale Blakley Dress in a size 14. Thank you!

August 07, 2010
6:06 PM
Shea said:

Can you tell me when the next blow out sale might be? I got engaged the day after your July Blow Out!!! Would love to have any sort of advanced notice> Thanks so much, I adore "say yes to the dress". :)

August 23, 2010
1:22 PM
shannonshan628 said:

Hello, I was wondering when the next blow out sale is? I also would like advance notice so I can plan on coming to the city for it. Thank You

November 02, 2010
11:14 PM
Princess Ty said:

Hi Kleinfeld Team: I know that sometimes you can call the desaigner of a dress you don't have and have it for the bride. Can you do that with a Pronovias dress? I would really love to be able to purchase my dress at your store. Thanks.

November 17, 2010
11:44 AM
L'sMOH said:

Hello, I'd like to know, since my friend can only get out of work in the afternoon, in light of the fact that people start lining up in the morning, could I go stand in line and then have her meet me or does it have to be the bride that stands in line to wait for the entry time? Thanks so much! Kim

November 17, 2010
12:00 PM
DEE DEE said:

Do you know if you will have the Peter Langner Coutoure Vogue gown available at the blowout on November 30th? It was from the Spring 2010 collection. Do you know the price range of this dress, as well?

November 17, 2010
11:17 PM
Megan G. said:

Hi Kleinfeld team! Can you please let me know whether a Rivini Nya dress will be available? I am in love with it and was hoping to find it at your upcoming sale. Thank you!

November 18, 2010
5:03 AM
Maggie said:

Will you have any 'short' dreses? What about bridesmaid dreses -amy of those? What time do people start to line up? Regards Maggie

November 18, 2010
8:06 AM
gilian said:

will there be any Kenneth Pool ballgown styles in the sample sale in Nov?

November 18, 2010
8:11 AM
gilian said:

will any of the following styles be aval: Kenneth Pool 31602477, 31787468, 31833221 or Lazaro 3653?

November 19, 2010
8:31 AM
gilian said:

Does everyone who stands on line get into the store or in the past have you found that if someone cannot get onto line until day noon, they should not bother coming as they will never see the inisde of the store?

November 19, 2010
5:54 PM
Kleinfeld Marketing Team said:

Hi Brides! We will start giving out numbers for the sale around 10:30am to the brides who are lined up outside. All day we will continue to hand out numbers as brides arrive. The number represents your place in line. You must get back in line by 2:30pm.
Yes, every bride will get in the store but it is hard for us to judge how long you will be waiting on line. We have some great gowns on sale at a great price, so if you know what your looking for and your ready to buy, this is the sale for you! Lots of luck!

November 19, 2010
5:58 PM
Kleinfeld Marketing Team said:

The next Blow Out Sale is not set yet but it will most likely be in Feb or March. Make sure you registered on our website to receive emails from us!

November 22, 2010
5:13 AM
Bride2B said:

Hello, I live in ireland but I am thinking of coming to New York to get my dress. I would love to be there for your blow out sale. I was thinking of heading over in Jan/Feb. When will the dates for the sale be released?

November 22, 2010
10:46 AM
Aspen Teal said:

Hi there, I am in love with my lines of Kirstie Kelly for Disney. Will any of her dresses be in the blowout sale? If so, what styles? Could be coming up from Boston!

November 23, 2010
10:35 AM
julybride said:

Hi, I am interested in coming to the sample sale specifically for the Lazaro veil that matches dress LZ3002. I believe the style number for the veil is L002, in Ivory. Do you think you will have that veil or similar styles available? Also, where do I go when I arrive since there is a separate line for accessories? Thank you very much!

November 23, 2010
11:44 PM
Lila said:

Hi, I love the "Addie" dress from the Monique Lhuillier spring 2011 line. Will it be included in the November 30th sale? Thank you! I'm thinking of flying in from Canada.

November 28, 2010
5:02 PM
super petite said:

Will there be any smaller sizes for petite girls like me? 00P or 0P?

February 04, 2011
12:20 PM
DEE DEE said:

When is the next blow out sale?

April 19, 2011
12:28 PM
Kenna said:


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