Blow Out Sale April 28th

Posted By:Dorothy Silver
April 21, 2009
Hi everyone...this week is going to be a very busy week. I'm going to be getting everything ready for our April 28th Blow Out Sale. I will be putting on sale lots and lots of designer gowns. It's a great opportunity to get the dress of your dreams at a much lower price. The dresses will also be 25% percent off the sale price.

Not only will it be a great savings but the sale is a lot of fun as well. Hope you all can make it!

Its next Tuesday, the 28th of April from 3 o'clock to 7 o'clock. I'll be there and I hope to see you there as well.

Bring some never know, one of them might be THE DRESS!!!


April 30, 2009
1:01 AM
Love A Sale said:

I was wondering how often you have blow out sales? Are they annual? I love your dresses!! But can only maybe afford one if it is on sale! So I am in Florida and need to know so I can try to travel up there!

May 01, 2009
10:55 PM
froggie said:

I love to watch your show and how you treat your future brides and my favorite one was were you suprised a couple who was trying to get married before she started to show because she was pregant with twins and you alllowed them to have their wedding in the bridal store... And that was so beautiful and just so sweet of you & your staff to do something as great as that... I will be going to New York at the end of june until 4 th of July and it's is my first time and I said I would love to go to your store and meet Randy because he look's like a great person and that's super.. I also hope that I could purchase something for your Bridal Store... Thank You Your viewer Serena Cisneros

May 05, 2009
5:34 PM
Kleinfeld Marketing Team said:

Hi Love A Sale,
Our Blow Out Sample Sale is typically 3-4x a year. Our next Blow Out Sale is July 28th. No appointment required, from 3pm - 7pm. You can save an additional 25% of all ready marked down sample bridal gowns, evening wear, headpieces, veils, and shoes. Thank you & lots of luck!

May 09, 2009
12:54 AM
Kailee said:

I absolutely love your dresses and your show! Can you please tell me when your next blow out sale is? I would love to try and make it to your next one. I live in Oklahoma and just need a little notice. Thank you for any help! -Kailee

May 09, 2009
10:53 PM
Blow Out Sales! said:

I was also wondering how often you have blow out sales? Are they annual? HOw much notice do you give the public? I am in Vancouver Canada and would like to plan a visit to attend one of these sales befor my weeding in summer 2010!

May 18, 2009
4:03 PM
Kleinfeld Marketing Team said:

Hi Kailee and Blow Out Sales:
Our next Blow Out Sale is July 28th from 3 - 7pm, no appointment required, plus an additional 25% off already marked down prices on bridal gowns, headpieces, veils, shoes, and evening gowns. If you 'opt-in' to recieve emails from us, you will receive emails about all our upcoming sample sales. Thanks

May 19, 2009
2:55 PM
Fernanda said:

I was wondering how often you have blow out sales? Are they annual? If you can please let me know +/- ....I am planning to be in NY by March/2010 .I am from brazil I love you gyus and the dresses !!!!!!!!

May 31, 2009
1:03 PM
dennyrae said:

what size are the samples?

June 02, 2009
5:28 PM
Kleinfeld Marketing Team said:

Hi Dennyrae,
The majority of our bridal samples are sample size 10 which is a size 6/8 in regular clothing. At each sample sale we also have a small selection of plus size sample gowns in size 16 - 22.
Thank you.

June 08, 2009
2:22 PM
CoryO said:

Hi, I'm interested in some less traditional gowns, like Claire Pettibone. Will any of hers be on sale? Do you sell Jenny Packham gowns? You said the gowns are typically size 10; I am normally a 0 or 2 in evening gowns... is the sale an option for me? Thanks so much for the help!

June 08, 2009
4:38 PM
Kleinfeld Marketing Team said:

Hi CoryO,
We do not carry Jenny Packham but we have many designers who make similar styles. Bridal runs small and although the gowns will be a little big on you, you have a great chance of finding a gown you love that can be altered to your size without changing the look of the dress. There will likely be Claire Pettibone gowns in the sale but we can not confirm the styles or condition. Thank you.

June 25, 2009
4:00 PM
ZenkWedding said:

Are you able to make an appointment for the blowout sale? I have to work so I'd prefer to know what time I need to be there. Thanks.

June 29, 2009
2:43 PM
elenajustine said:

What time do people start signing up for the sale? I want to make sure I get to shop! Thanks!

June 29, 2009
2:44 PM
elenajustine said:

Oh sorry, I meant what time do people start lining up for the sale? Thanks!

June 29, 2009
4:46 PM
Kleinfeld Marketing Team said:

Hi ZenkWedding & Elanajustine,
We do not take appointments for Blow Out Sales. Brides typically start lining up between 11am - 1pm. We typically start giving out numbers around 1pm and than you can come back at 3pm when sale opens and wait for your number to be called. Hope this helps!

July 31, 2009
7:03 PM
october bride said:

Hi, I unfortunately missed the July 28th sample sale and was wondering when the next one was?

October 23, 2009
8:49 PM
Suzie's Mom said:

My daughter is going to travel from Ireland and we're hoping to plan a trip around The Kleinfeld Experience! Have you scheduled any blow-out sales for mid-2010? Also, are numbers allocated to the line as they stand outside the store on the sales day? Thank you.

November 05, 2009
11:51 AM
Maryanne said:

Hi! I know you have a couple of dresses I love! I actually live in Canada and would love to know about your next blow out sale so I can travel there...I also missed the july you have one on 2010? Thank you!

November 11, 2009
11:23 AM
jazzy said:

when is the next blow out sale? I live in tx and will need to fly there. I want to start planning as soon as possible. Luv the show!!

November 19, 2009
7:05 PM
tiffanyann said:

I live in PA and am in need of a wedding dress. It's no huge hurry. So what I was wondering is if you have a list of days (of even approx days/months) for when the blowout sales are going to be in 2010. I need time to book for a trip. Thank-You tons

December 02, 2009
8:32 PM
Michelle said:

Hi! I was just wondering when the next blow out sale was going to be.

December 07, 2009
3:52 PM
Krystle said:

When is the blowout sale in 2010??

December 18, 2009
8:46 PM
clarissaS said:

I love your show I was wondering when your next blow outsale will be? I just love how you guys handle your clients

December 19, 2009
10:49 AM
cobie said:

Can you tell me when the next blowout sale will be?

January 03, 2010
3:17 AM
Dana said:

What are the 2010 blowout sale dates?

January 13, 2010
9:58 PM
Elle said:

Looking forward to coming in April although apparently cannot make the blowout sale in July. Maybe. I want to come so Mara Urshel will give me a personal tour in March and wish to try on dresses to see if one is a go for my September 24th 2011 wedding in Chicago. Mara is my hero. We grew up in Grand Rapids, MI. So I look forward to actually coming in March. I do not care how cold it is in Manhattan. I really want to meet the team at Kleinfeld as I wish to work for them someday in the next five years. I have got time. I am 31!

January 14, 2010
5:40 PM
AJ's Mom said:

Hi, Would you please tell me of your sale dates this year. I've heard great things about you, and would love to come for your sale. Thank you!

January 16, 2010
7:57 AM
CarrieM said:

I am getting married in September of this year and live in PA. I was wondering if there would be a blow-out sale before that, seeing I have a tight budget, I would really like to have the experience that your staff gives a bride-to-be, but could not afford to enjoy a regular priced dress. I am looking forward to the drive up there.

January 19, 2010
12:42 PM
Tasha said:

First I have to say I LOVE the show and since the fist time seeing it knew I would be getting my dress at kleinfeld's :D so am so happy you have the blow out sales !!!!!!! ca't wait to find out the 2010 dates :D..... oh and how early should I arrive to ensure first choice :)

January 21, 2010
10:58 PM
August said:

Any dates soon for a blowout sale / sample sale ?

January 26, 2010
6:47 PM
Marketing Team said:

Hi Brides,
If you did not receive an e-mail about the Blow Out Sale on Feb 2nd, please register for our e-mail updates and find the sale details on our home page! Lots of luck!!

February 08, 2010
11:11 AM
Bella said:

Hi, When is you next blow out sale? I know I just missed one... :-(

February 13, 2010
5:21 PM
dkhowhan said:

Will there be another blow out sale in 2010?

March 18, 2010
3:16 PM
Lena said:

Hi, do you ever list the styles of dresses that go on sale for the sample blow out sale?

March 23, 2010
10:59 PM
Zaily said:

So I am in love with your show and the store!! I just got engaged last Thanksgiving and I must wear a dress from your store at my wedding.I plan to wed summer 2011. I was wondering when the blow out sale dates for 2010. I am registered for e-mails but haven't received anything...Thanks so much <3

March 25, 2010
7:04 PM
mk9600 said:

have there been any dates published for the next blow out sale? I am signed up to receive emails but have not received any in a month or so.

April 20, 2010
10:19 PM
clarissaS said:

after the April blowout sale when will the next one be?

May 11, 2010
5:51 PM
KeirstinAriel said:

Hi, I would like to travel up for the next blow out sale but wanted to see if you have alot of sample dresses in smaller sizes before i make the trip? And when is the next date? Thanks!

May 19, 2010
5:44 PM
Stacylacy said:

Will there be any blow-out sales in the Fall/Winter of 2010?

May 22, 2010
3:15 AM
M.P said:

When is the blowout sale for 2010? My Wedding is next year May 2011 , when do you think i should purcheas my wedding dress? also i looked at some wedding gowns on the website and i picked my favorite 5, do you have all the dresses that are online in the store to try on?

June 01, 2010
8:00 PM
ARP1818 said:

Is there a date set for the next blowout sale? Just trying to arrange travel plans. Thanks!

June 02, 2010
6:35 PM
cassandra said:

when is the next blowout sale ?

June 06, 2010
11:07 PM
JenD515 said:

I was just wondering when the next blowout sale will be?? I haven't recieved any e-mails though I am signed up....

June 14, 2010
9:27 PM
karenleedl said:

My daughter and I will be arriving in NY for the sale July 28th. Can you tell me - what time we should plan on arriving for our number that morning? Many Thanks

June 17, 2010
11:12 PM
DeeCT said:

Hi, I just wanted to know if there is going to be another blowout sale anytime soon? Thank you!!

June 18, 2010
11:44 AM
acowen05 said:

HI, I saw that your next blow out sale was july 28th, and I was wondering is you guys are having another blow out sale after that one and when it is? Thanks so much!

June 30, 2010
11:47 AM
V of california said:

Was wanting to know when your next blowout sale. Planning a trip to florida & if I can fit the extra trip to your shop , I will make it happen .thank u very much

July 19, 2010
9:14 AM
slamnurse said:

What time should you arrive for the sample sale?

August 07, 2010
9:37 PM
Punky123 said:

Hi i just have the same questions. Just wondering what r the next dates for sample sale. Thanks

August 09, 2010
8:25 PM
westcoast mui said:

I was wondering if you'd be able to advise when your next blowout sample sale will be? I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada....and I'd love to get my dress from your store! I love the Prina Tornai dresses!!

August 10, 2010
9:47 PM
Downeast said:

How do I sign up to receive emails? I would also like to know when your next blowout sale is in the Fall/Winter 2010?

August 18, 2010
2:45 PM
monyka said:

Hi! My wedding is next April 2011 and I want to know if you gonna have a BlowOut sale this fall/winter of 2010. Or when is your next Blowout sale? So I can travel up there to get my dream dress! Thank you!

August 29, 2010
3:26 PM
1 John 2:6 said:

Along with all these other ladies, I'm anxiously wondering when the next BlowOut sale is! I have a May 2011 wedding planned and definitely know that I want to attend! Thanks so much and see you soon!

September 06, 2010
1:28 PM
GeorgiaGirl said:

Hi are you having another blow out sale this year ? Thanks so much !

September 08, 2010
11:51 AM
Dawn said:

When is the next blow out sale?

September 10, 2010
11:44 AM
sydnee said:

i am planning a wedding in may 2012 when should i begin to look for my dress will the atlanta store offer the same dresses as the new york store if not how long does it take to get an appointment at the new york store thank you

September 14, 2010
3:03 PM
The Mrs. DT said:

Hello I am trying to find out when is the next blowout sale. My ceremony is June 30th,2011. Please keep me informed. THANKS

September 26, 2010
11:50 AM
Cassandra said:

I just recently registered with your website and I was wondering when the next blow out sale would be scheduled?

October 19, 2010
8:49 AM
Angelic Niki said:

When will the 2011 blow out sale be taking place?????

November 07, 2010
1:59 PM
iloveken14 said:

Hello, I was wondering if you could tell me when your next blow out sale will be? Will you have one before the year is over?

December 04, 2010
2:16 PM
Anxious Bride said:

June 2011 wedding!! Curious about 2011 blowout sale!! Share! Share!

December 08, 2010
4:50 PM
stricklerhjs said:

Hey Guys, I am planning on having a june 2011 wedding, wondering when your next blowout sale is??? thanks

December 20, 2010
8:58 PM
Makana said:

What's the date for 2011's Blowout Sale?

January 09, 2011
9:27 PM
Tulanyc said:

I see the question has been asked a few times..guess I'll join in August 2011 Wedding-When is the next blowout sale?? Super excited Thanks!

March 16, 2011
7:17 PM
carole said:

love your show! Never miss one... Hope to visit your store very soon.... your consultants are terrific!!

March 20, 2011
1:24 AM
AJ's Bride said:

Hello~ am planning a June 12 wedding. Could you let me know when the blow-out sales will be? I would like to travel from Oklahoma with my mom to attend so need advance notice. Thank you.

March 21, 2011
5:16 PM
Kleinfeld Marketing Team said:

Hi Brides!
To learn about our next blow out sale, make sure you are registered to receive Kleinfeld email blasts. Next one is end of April, begining of May....stay tuned!

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