Bridal Market Update

Posted By:Mara Urshel
April 6, 2009
Kleinfeld buyer, Dorothy Silver, Fashion Director Randy Fenoli and I have been running around bridal market all weekend to view the new Spring 2009 collections. We just ran into Darcy Miller, Editor of Martha Stewart Weddings, and I had to stop her and compliment her on the current Martha Stewart Weddings Issue – The Spring 2009 Fashion Issue.

From rings to flowers, to gowns, you will find everything you need to put your personal touches on your wedding day.

Darcy was in the middle of blogging when I interrupted her. Check out Darcy and Randy at the Anne Bowen Show.

I had a lot of fun during my photo shoot for the Expert Advice column on page 124 thru 127. Before you start shopping for your gown, check out my gown shopping tips article. Hope you find them helpful!

And here you view some of my favorite dresses.

Darcy and Martha Stewart Weddings team – you out did your self again with this fabulous fashion issue!


April 13, 2009
9:09 PM
SL said:

Thank you for the thoughtful and helpful column. I really enjoyed reading it in the Martha Stewart magazine. However, one comment I found to be somewhat questionable is that you say that a bridal appointment can take several hours. However, I know because of watching the show on TLC, as well as from my own experience at Kleinfeld, that your store adheres to a strict policy that appointments will last no more than an hour and fifteen minutes. From what I've seen on the TLC show and from my own experience, many brides cannot find what they are looking for in that short period of time, particularly when you have such an abundant (and beautiful) stock of dresses. I understand the need to move along and see as many brides as possible, but the process of picking a dress is so important and should never be rushed! I left my appointment at Kleinfeld (on a weekday afternoon, no less) and had not been able to see many of the dresses that I had hoped to and I didn't feel that it would be fair to me to have to make a second appointment. I really hope that your store can reconsider its policies, particularly because you understand that it can be a time-consuming process.

May 05, 2009
3:17 PM
Kleinfeld Marketing Team said:

Hi SL,
Thank you for sharing your comments and concerns. We are currently reviewing our appointment time policy and would love to have you back for a second appointment to help you find your dream dress.

May 14, 2009
6:11 PM
marilyn said:

As a retired bridal consultant, I must tell you that: Many things must be taken into account before you start the selection process. The bride must first of all be set at ease with the consultant. Asking questions about the bridal venue; number of guests; formal or informal; etc. sets the tone. This should take about 15-20 minutes. Because brides generally like try on as many gowns as possible,and you cannot allow her to try on the store, you as her agent must lead her to the styles that would most flatter her body type. by asking her what types of gowns she has previously tried on, asking her for any pictures of styles she may like etc., you can than go about selecting an acceptable amount of gowns to display to her. i recommend no more than 7 dresses total and 2 or 3 lengths of veils. To many and they forget quickly the first dress that they loved so much and had to have! Too few dresses and the bride may be turned off and feel slighted. The most important thing to remember is the brides body type. Brides are sometimes clueless as to what actually looks good on their figures. With so many dresses at your disposal, you have the advantage by knowing your stock as you would your own closet. This should take about another 20-25 minutes. Then begins the actual trying on process and this should take a full hour. A decision this important cannot be rushed as deposits are generally not refunded if a bride changes her mind. All total it takes approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours. I remember my own wedding many years ago. I was a Kleinfeld bride and Mr. K himself took care of me(1981). When I left the store, I was sure that thought and effort had been given to the selection of my gown. I felt that I had the perfect gown for me. I hope this gives you a little insight on how a bride as well as a bridal consultant views the time/selection process.

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