Posted By:Randy Fenoli
April 6, 2009
Lately I've been noticing a trend with my brides ... colored shoes and accessories.

Many of them have been coming into Kleinfeld carrying their Christian Louboutins, Jimmy Choos, Stuart Weitzman, and Gucci shoes in hand! Here's one of my brides that is going for "Something Blue".

Here's a sexy red pair, maybe for someone getting married on Valentine's Day.

Here's one of my brides that's going to wear a Black Sash to accessorize her Amsale gown.

How many of you are going for colored shoes, gowns, or accents in your wedding that would like to share with us?

April 07, 2009
12:01 AM
Sapphyre said:

my mother insisted that i had to wear a "traditional" colored shoe (so ivory or gold in her opinion) even though I was desperate for a pair of navy blue shoes. The compromise is that I'll wear our family tartan as a sash around my waist rather than the ivory sash that came with my dress. All of my jewelry has sapphires set into it, and I have a navy blue pashmina to wrap up in if it gets cool in the evening. I love the idea of colored accessories!

April 15, 2009
7:26 PM
peekay said:

Say YES to the dress -- and to color! I painted my toes blue for my "something blue", but with a colored shoe, you can always wear it again.

August 01, 2009
11:31 PM
luvlayness said:

I would love to wear the blue soled christian louboutin but i heard that they stopped making them. do you know if this is true??? Please say it isn't so!

January 27, 2010
11:48 PM
SarahBeth said:

My favorite color is pink, and while I plan on having a white gown, I am going to make sure that my shoes are pink and stand out. Everyone around me thinks I'm crazy and that white or more traditional shoes would be more appropriate. I'm thrilled to see that there's a growing trend in non-traditional colored shoes. Yay! :)

May 27, 2010
10:16 AM
Elyse said:

I recently purchased a pair of Christian Louboutin Satin Blue d'Orsay heels for my something blue! I love them to pieces! The wedding itself is almost always traditional, so whats so wrong about us brides wanting a little punch of color?! And so, under my dress will be a killer pair of beautiful blue heels! It still fits the "something blue" tradition! HaHa! Love it!

June 08, 2010
2:15 PM
Diva6887 said:

I'm definitely a bride on a budget. I would LOVE to have the Something Blue Manolo's, but alas, my pocketbook doesn't permit it. What I compromised with was finding a pair of beautiful, dyeable, peep-toe slingbacks with crystal brooches on the toes. I had them dyed to match the Manolo color I loved so much. They turned out beautifully and you can always wear them again!

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