Kleinfeld 2010 Market Report

Last month, the entire bridal industry gathered in New York for Bridal Market Week. Of course, the whole Kleinfeld team attended every runway show, event, and appointment to be able to bring you the best of the best for the upcoming season. Now, it's time for you to reap the benefits! The Kleinfeld experts sat down to give you their perspectives on the runways! They cover everything from trends to new, up-and-coming designers and even spill about what Market Week is like running from show to show all over Manhattan and the funny stories that happened to them along the way. So without further delay, here it is: your ultimate Market Week Report straight from the Kleinfeld Bridal Experts!
Q. What was your favorite trend on the runways this season?
Dimension, texture, petals, ruffles, and cut raw-edged fabrics were the hit of the runways! I think these were the most important trends this bridal season. Also, tulle is definitely the fabric of the season! Every designer had tulle somewhere in their collection - whether it was an A-line skirt or used as an overlay, tulle is definitely back!
Tulle really did rule the runways this season and I was excited to see tulle on gowns with circle skirts - a very flattering look. Everything this market was so light and airy. It was as if the girls were actually floating down the runways! The great thing about light fabrics is that they call for much more detail and the designers really did deliver in that department. Maybe it is the economy's influence, but I must say my favorite thing about market this season is that the industry seemed to really raise the bar on quality as a whole without inflating the prices. And in some cases, even lowering them! As a retailer, we are especially excited to be able to offer that to our brides.
My personal favorite trend on the runways was actually peplums. Elizabeth Fillmore did a beautiful peplum dress called Ballet Noir and I just love the black ribbon she used to tie it all together. Peplums were very big during the 80's and have been making their come back in ready-to-wear for the past few seasons. I just love when bridal trends are in sync with ready-to-wear trends, celebrating their roots of fashion and style! I also saw a lot of reverse crumb catchers (meaning that the crumb catchers were on the back of the dress instead of the typical location at the neckline). I thought this was beautiful and reminded me of shells! And finally, I saw a lot of Silk Shantung. I haven't seen that much Silk Shantung in years and honestly, I'm looking forward to its come back!



Q. What dress from Market Week are you most excited to get in at the store?
Well, like I said, this market was very competitive it is so hard to choose just one! Off the top of my head, I recall a Vineyard Collection gown made of tulle with embroidery going from the bodice into the skirt. The dress is called Morgan and I just remember seeing it come down the runway and thinking "wow"! I turned to Dorothy immediately and said, "That's going to be a good one"!
La Vie En Rose from Elizabeth Fillmore - absolutely gorgeous!
Zanzibar from Peter Langner - stunning and a true testament of what bridal couture is!
Begonia from Reem Acra - I must say, many of her dresses wowed me, but this one was truly breath taking.
I don't know if I had a favorite dress, but I did have several collections that really excited me! Just to quickly run through a few: Lazaro worked his magic and had absolutely incredible, gorgeous, sexy gowns at fabulous prices! Monique Lhuillier's collection was truly a study in perfection! Pnina Tornai's collection was definitely the most spectacular and flashy! Every gown was encrusted with Swarovski crystals that sparkled brilliantly. She definitely designs fantasy, over-the-top gowns girls only dream about! Reem Acra showed an elegant collection this season that was very modern and fresh. Anne Barge's collection is going to be HOT with brides! Every single dress was unique, fresh, and pretty. I think you get the idea that I really did find something I loved in all of the collections!

Peter Langner

Reem Acra

Q. Are there any new designers that impressed you?
Gilles Montezin is definitely a new bridal designer that impressed me. I say new bridal designer, because Gilles has history as a costume designer for the Opera Bastille in Paris. His background shines through beautifully in his work and offers an interesting method of design. I did not know this before meeting with him, but opera singers actually sing from their stomachs, not their lungs. In accordance with this, Gilles Montezin gowns feature corsets to slim the torso and full skirts to allow room for the stomach to expand with breathing. The beauty in his dresses comes from their drama and personalization - his unique vision as a designer is evident in each gown.
Oh, Gilles Montezin! You know, I have to tell you that I didn't actually get to see his collection! There was a little miscommunication - I thought we were all meeting at the salon, Mara and Dorothy thought we were all going to Gilles, and in the end I missed his whole collection! And from what I heard from Mara and Dorothy, I really missed a good one! So I'm in the same boat as our brides, waiting for the dresses to come in so I can see them for myself!
Gilles Montezin truly did wow me. His background just gives him such a unique perspective that allows him to create bridal gowns in a way no one else has done. His collection is described as whimsical, feminine, soft, and sexy and I really couldn't say it better myself! My favorite feature of his dresses is the fabric or rather, in the way that he mixes them and handcrafts each dress. The waves details and pleats are gorgeous and I love, love, love that each dress is named after an opera singer! It really ties his background into every single detail of the collection.

Gilles Montezin


Q. Which shows did you enjoy the most? (Think music, themes, giveaways!)
My favorite show was Claire Pettibone - mainly because she had such good giveaways! No, I'm only kidding! Her theme was Asian inspired and the venue was Buddakan. I mean, what could be more fitting and perfect for the occasion? The music was calm and a great mood-setter for the theme and all of the models had sleek buns with a blunt bang. It was really picturesque. And okay, fine, the fact that her giveaway bag included a hair straightener didn't hurt!
Claire Pettibone's collection was stunning and perfectly focused. I would describe it as an ethereal, floral, bohemian, Asian fusion with pink and red pops of colored flowers and tassels. The music and models are always great and the setting was super chic!

Every gown, model, and look was perfectly styled at Monique Lhuillier. From the models' frosty make-up, to the fingerless tulle gloves, it was just stunning!

Pnina Tornai's theme with diamonds and bows was just so suiting of her. Absolutely extravagant!
The Pnina Tornai show was truly the greatest runway show that I attended during market. The theme was diamonds and it resonated in every aspect of the show - from the music, which was Shirley Bassey's "Diamonds are Forever," "Where Do I Begin (Love Story)," "Gold Finger," and "Big Spender" all the way through to the diamond paperweight giveaways which can serve as a lovely keepsake for all who attended. Even better is how suiting the theme is for Pnina herself! As a designer, she is known for lavish and elaborate "dream" dresses adorned with crystals and her personality is one that sparkles through in all that she does. Other than that, I must say one of the best market events of all was the Martha Stewart Weddings party! Every year, Martha Stewart Weddings throws a huge industry party during Market Week and this year happened to be their 15th year anniversary celebration and they really went over the top! The party was at The Plaza and had everything from great entertainment to delicious foods and desserts and as always in the wedding industry, great company!



Martha Stewart Weddings Party
Q. Market Week is so hectic. I'm sure you have some good stories. Any you'd like to share?
The most challenging aspect of Market Week is getting to all of the different shows that are all in different locations. I'm sure we were in just about every hotel room, ballroom, showroom, club, and restaurant in New York within the span of 5 days. Thank goodness at Kleinfeld we have our own van that takes us from show to show so we don't have to chase taxis down the streets of New York! I guess the craziest thing that happened this market was when another car opened its door while we were driving and we nearly took it off! We had to wait forever for the police officer to arrive, but once Mara stepped out of the van, he recognized her and told us his mother shopped at Kleinfeld for years and he would try to expedite the process to get us on our way. Way to go, Mara!
Well, you've heard of our Kleinfeld van, but have you heard of our driver Manny? On any regular Kleinfeld day Manny always comes to the rescue, but during market he not only got our group of over a dozen from show to show, but he did it all in style. Every single day Manny arrived at work dressed to kill - even in the rain! In fact, because of the rain, we even picked up a couple of strays to offer rides to all of the shows! We were able to share our van with people from all different companies - InStyle Magazine, Bridal & Formal from Cincinnati, Ohio, and more. In fact, Bridal & Formal is also a retailer, so we got to compare buying notes during the ride to the next show!
Hectic isn't even the word. At one point, we were in such a rush I actually had to drive the van myself! Well, not really. Unlike Fashion Week, the bridal industry doesn't get one venue like Bryant Park to house all of the shows. Instead, we lucky attendees get to schlep from east side to west side, uptown to downtown, with not more than 15 minutes between shows to get there! We had a particularly tough time on the Saturday of market when the Jenny Lee show ran nearly an hour late and we were already over 10 minutes late for the Priscilla Group show when Jenny Lee's ended! As the buyer, I can't afford to miss a single dress come down the runway, because who knows if the one I miss would be the number one gown of the season? So after the show ended I quickly gave my congratulations to Jenny Lee and then rushed out, but Mara and Randy ended up getting pulled into interviews. I told them, "Make it fast because I am making it to Priscilla Group with or without you!" When I got outside, I told Manny to scoot over because the van was leaving, even if I had to drive to the show myself! Ultimately, we all made it over to the show together and Manny drove. Do I really think I would have driven the van and left people behind? No, never! But making them think I would definitely got everyone to pick up the pace!

Traveling with a Crew

Driving Miss Dorothy

Now we know you're probably just as anxious for us to get these dresses as we are, but unfortunately the Spring 2010 collections won't be in for a few months. So, if you want to know the second we get them, remember to register with us to get email updates and check our blog and Facebook fan page regularly! In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this preview!